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Valvoline Oil for Your Car’s Needs

Oil engine, coolant, and transmission fluids get dirty and wear out. You need to replace your vehicle’s fluids on a regular schedule to keep your vehicle in top condition. Think of your vehicle’s fluids as an investment in extending the life of your car, truck, or SUV. Good quality oils provide better protection and last longer between services.

At Sun Auto Service, we rely on Valvoline oil products for all major services we perform. Whether you need a simple oil change or our complete Major Service Special, we only use the best quality Valvoline fluids for your vehicle.

High Expectations for Vehicle Fluids

If you’ve ever been to an auto parts store and seen the shelves of different oils and chemicals, the choices can be confusing. You know the hard metal parts of your vehicle’s mechanical systems are expensive, and fluids must integrate with the design to work correctly. Your manual tells you the specifications, but how do you know which brand to trust? We evaluate motor oil manufacturers based on what we need their products to do for us.

  • Performance – Oils must pass rigorous testing and enable systems to function as intended.
  • Dependability – A manufacturer needs an established process yielding consistent results.
  • Longevity – Fluids must have additive chemicals protecting against heat and extending lifespan.

We weigh these factors against the price before deciding. The best value for your money is the product that delivers results at an affordable cost.

The Valvoline Advantage

Valvoline has over 100 years of experience creating lubricants for engines and specializes in automotive fluids. The company got its start decades before the first automotive assembly lines were ever operational. Valvoline’s original product was an oil for steam engines.

The company transitioned to automotive applications as the industry grew. When the first Model Ts finally rolled out to the public, Valvoline oil filled the engines. Valvoline also made oils accessible to DIY mechanics and supported car culture throughout the last century. Now the company supplies engine oils, coolants, transmission fluids, and gear oils. It offers synthetic and blended formulas and has the best high mileage oil on the market.

The manufacturer’s engine lab facility in Kentucky performs a full range of simulations and live testing under extreme conditions. Their products come to market backed by the company’s experience and expertise.

Valvoline Motor Oil in Your Engine

When it’s time for an oil change, bring your vehicle to one of our service centers. We check the manufacturer’s recommended viscosity and match your vehicle with the correct Valvoline oil. You have a few options for the grade:

  • Conventional Oil – Made from petroleum processes and protected with additives
  • Full Synthetic – A performance oil perfect for severe conditions or aggressive driving
  • Blended – A specially formulated mixture that balances performance with cost
  • High Mileage – Intended for older vehicles already prone to wear

We also swap out your filter and check the level before sending you on your way.

Coolant System Service

Coolant system services are also vital. Older fluids in your radiator tend to wear out and accumulate gunk. We can drain and fill your radiator with fresh coolant or perform a complete flush.

Valvoline makes a variety of coolants fitting the needs of every make and manufacturer’s specifications. We mix traditional ethylene glycol for most applications. We also have Valvoline’s Dexcool for General Motors engines.

Transmission Fluids

Manufacturers build transmissions to use specific oil weights and properties. Valvoline makes a full line of transmission fluid for standard passenger vehicles:

  • ATF 4 – Typically found in Chrysler transmissions
  • Dextron/Mercon – A blend that works in General Motors, Ford, and most Asian imports
  • Fully Synthetic – Extends the life of transmissions by reducing friction and heat wear

If you’ve noticed poor shifting performance from your vehicle, it may be a sign that your transmission fluid has gotten old. A service changes that out with a fresh batch of oils.

Gear Oils, Greases, and Lubricants

Valvoline also produces a full line of greases and lubricants for bearings and gears. These heavier oils fill the transfer cases in drivelines and gearboxes on manual cars. They prevent wear of metal parts in direct contact with one another. We repack unsealed bearings during brake jobs with Valvoline grease to keep your wheels spinning freely.

We combine our experience with Valvoline products to give you the best service possible. Call one of our service centers today to schedule an appointment for your Valvoline oil change.