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Sun Auto Service in Las Vegas

When you’re in need of vehicle maintenance, you face a difficult decision: taking your vehicle to a lower-priced auto shop or trusting in the reliability of a dealership’s service department. Dealership service departments offer OEM parts as well as technicians trained to operate specifically on your brand of vehicle. However, you can find the same level of service for a more affordable price at Sun Auto Service in Las Vegas.

There is an easy way to avoid the potential for costly repairs. It’s relatively simple, and only requires the slightest bit of diligence on your part. What’s the secret to your vehicle’s success: regular maintenance. For as complex as cars, trucks, and SUVs can be, their performance lifetimes are amazingly predictable. This allows vehicle service technicians to be able to pinpoint the common causes of problems, and offer up suggestions on steps that vehicle owners such as yourself can take in order to avoid them. After all, it’s easier (and much less expensive) to prevent problems from happening than it is to deal with them directly.

You may think that the only way to maintain a good maintenance schedule is to do it through a dealership. Dealers have the advantage of an automaker’s brand behind them, but a family-owned brand can also inspire the same kind of consumer confidence.

That vision led to the opening of our first store in Las Vegas in 2004. Our message to local vehicle-owners has been clear: preventative maintenance and repair options aren’t limited to the dealership. To deliver on such a claim, we understood we had to provide the same level of resources. Thus, we maintain a local team of ASE certified technicians who are qualified on all makes and models of vehicles. Yet to truly approach dealership-level service, even that’s not enough. This is why we have always guaranteed our work in writing here at Sun Auto Service in Las Vegas. The end goal is, of course, to replicate the same feeling of confidence from a dealership, while ensuring that your wallet isn’t quite as light.

Dealerships are traditionally inconvenient both in location and wait times. We likely have a location much closer to you and in most cases offer same day service so that you can get on with life’s other priorities.

Las Vegas residents have been coming to Sun Auto Service to provide dealership-quality service for over 10 years. Isn’t about time you joined them?