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Store Spotlight: Introducing our Newest Las Vegas Location on Blue Diamond Rd.

It’s nothing extraordinary to see new establishments popping up in the Vegas area. Expansion continues to happen in order to keep up with the fast-paced growth of the entertainment capital of the world. While many of these businesses may not be relevant to you, there is one you need to be aware of no matter your interests: our new Sun Auto Service center on Blue Diamond Road.

If you drive a vehicle in Las Vegas, then you need a professional auto shop you can trust. Sun Auto Service delivers in reliability, consistency, quality, and customer service, so join our family of satisfied customers if you haven’t already.

This additional location will make it even more convenient for you to find a service center near you. We have four others in Las Vegas and two in Henderson, so you’re covered wherever you’re driving in the area. The opening of our new center just goes to show how high the demand is for quality auto care.

Get To Know the New Store Manager

When it comes to your health care or the education of your children, you’re familiar with the primary physician or the principal, respectively. What about when it comes to the care of your car? You depend so heavily on it and put so much money into it that it’s wise to get to know the people who service it – and the leader behind those people.

At our new Blue Diamond Road location, that person is Manager Cameron Goodall. Like all our store managers, he’s committed to the Sun Auto Service mission and so are his employees. We asked him a few questions about his background and work philosophy, and this is what he had to say.

  1. How long have you been in the automotive repair industry?
    Eighteen years. I started at 16 years old at popular tire company. Then, after college worked for their corporate office for eight years.
  2. How did you get your start?
    My grandfather was buying me tires, and I needed to pay him back, so while I was at the tire center, I asked for a job.
  3. What’s your favorite auto repair to complete?
    Anything involving diagnostics or troubleshooting.
  4. What’s your favorite type of vehicle to make repairs on?
    I really like any of the European car repairs. Most shops kind of shy away from them, but I like the challenge.
  5. What are the qualities a Sun Auto Service technician possesses?
    Our technicians are the best of the best, in my opinion. We handle the tough tasks and can do everything in-house.
  6. What type of training do your technicians need to complete? What’s included in that training?
    ASE training is preferred, but the minimum is experience and the drive and ability to service all types of vehicles.
  7. What’s the most commonly asked question you get about automotive repair?
    Probably the price of an oil change, as it’s the most common service. It’s a pretty easy answer.
  8. If you could dismiss one myth about automotive maintenance/repair, what would that be?
    That the industry can’t be trusted. I believe there are good and bad places. We just happen to be the good.
  9. What is your favorite part of the job and your favorite part about working for Sun Auto Service?
    The people! Our employees and our customers are the very best!
  10. What’s the number one tip you would provide to car owners about maintaining their vehicles?
    I was once told we have two types of customers: customers who maintain their vehicles and customers who repair their vehicles. That has stuck in my head and couldn’t be more correct. I always advise people to be the ones who maintain instead of repair.

Which Customer Do You Want To Be?

Although we’re prepared and able to make any necessary repairs, we’d rather see you not have to deal with costly, lengthy fixes at all. Our goal is to know you’re safe on the road in a reliable vehicle that undergoes regular maintenance.

The majority of car problems are avoidable through frequent and proper maintenance. Routine appointments may seem like a waste of time, but the opposite is true. Taking your car in for continual checkups offers the following benefits:

  • Cost savings: Low maintenance bills every few months is much easier to manage financially than high repair costs all at once, even with financing.
  • Longer life span: Your car lasts longer when you follow the recommended maintenance schedule. This also saves you money by not having to replace your vehicle as often.
  • Convenience: Maintenance takes little time, whereas repairs can require you to be without a car for days, depending on the extent of the problem.
  • Increased safety: Nothing is more dangerous than breaking down in the middle of the highway or losing control while driving due to a malfunctioning part. Keeping your car in shape helps you stay safe on the road.
  • Increased value: When it comes time for you to sell your car, you can get more for it because of its excellent condition and history of maintenance.

At Sun Auto Service, we make it easy for you to be the customer who maintains his or her vehicle. Our preventive care services range from simple oil changes to complete fluid replacement in all systems.

Start Taking Care of Your Vehicle Today

It’s said that the longer you put off visiting the dentist, the more expensive and painful it will be to treat your teeth. The same applies to your auto care. The longer you put off going in for that rattling noise or scheduled maintenance, the worse the damage could be, and the higher the repair fees may be. Head over to our Blue Diamond Road location to ease your worries and leave the gambling to the casinos.

If your car is already in tip-top shape, let us help keep it that way for years to come. Either way, make an appointment with our technicians. We can’t wait to welcome you to the Sun Auto Service family!