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How Sun Auto Service Inspects Transmissions

To be an expert in anything you must possess a comprehensive and superior level of knowledge and skill in the subject and that’s exactly what you’ll find in the technicians at Sun Auto Service. Repairing or maintaining a transmission begins with the right tools, expertise, and knowledge.

Our transmission experts have state-of-the-art technology to properly diagnose the root of any transmission issue your vehicle may be experiencing. Here’s what our ASE Certified Technicians will check on your vehicle’s Transmission Inspection:

    • Fluid Check – Maintaining the correct amount of transmission fluid is imperative when it comes to the life of your transmission. Transmission fluid is used as a hydraulic fluid, coolant, and lubricant that helps keep your transmission running and shifting properly. To maintain its integrity, it must be clean, odorless, and free of particulates.
    • Road Test – During a road test, our technicians will check shift sequences, feel for slipping, or differences in ranges for gear selections, and other abnormalities.
    • Engine Operation Test – Our technicians will first test for potential transmission-related issues.  However, in some instances, the engine may not be working properly which can affect the transmission’s performance. Our technicians will properly diagnose your vehicle to isolate the cause of the vehicle’s trouble.
    • Inspect Transmission and Engine Mounts – In some cases, a failed motor mount will cause the transmission to move under power and can impact the shifting sequences of the transmission.
    • Inspect Drive Shaft and Undercarriage – An expert trained to identify issues within the drive shaft and undercarriage can pinpoint what exactly is responsible for the trouble. Moving parts in a vehicle can exhibit certain issues that are seemingly caused by the transmission but may be something else entirely.
    • Search for Leaks – Bad seals and/or poor connections could result in a significant loss of fluid dropping levels enough to affect transmission operation.
    • Inspect All Linkages – Worn or damaged components in the transmission linkage cause inconsistent  performance while shifting and effect sequence processing.
    • Inspect Differential – Our technicians will search for indication of bearing or gear noise as well as check for any leaks and abnormal material.
    • Inspect Transmission Pan – The transmission pan will be lowered to check for excessive abnormal material in the pan or filter. If any broken metal pieces are identified, we’ll look further into the internal parts of the transmission. These metal parts indicate that the transmission will continue to deteriorate or has in fact, already failed.
    • Check Axles, CV Joints, Boots, and More – Inspections may determine that the transmission is not responsible for any issues with your vehicle at all. A u-joint makes a terrible sound and will cause the car to shake when it’s failing. Likewise, CV joints and boots can also exhibit the same issue. Whether the transmission is at fault or not, our expert technicians will isolate the issue for proper repair.
    • Inspect Cooling System – The vehicle’s cooling system helps keep the temperature of the engine operating within a sustainable range. We check to ensure the transmission is functioning correctly and at the correct temperature. Overheating is detrimental to a transmission and prevention begins with checking surrounding areas for leaks and/or failing components.

Any inspection at Sun Auto Service begins with a comprehensive visual inspection performed at no charge. This inspection will allow our technicians to determine whether a more in-depth inspection and diagnosis is necessary. You’ll be confident knowing our experts have the knowledge and are trained to diagnose and perform transmission repairs properly. We guarantee our work in writing and work as quickly as possible to get you and your vehicle back on the road. Search no further than the experts at Sun Auto Service for your next transmission inspection.