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How Often Do You Need Your Brakes Inspected?

Knowing how often you need your brakes inspected can be tricky because it really does vary based on driving habits. Just like you keep up with your oil changes, you should also keep up with your brake inspections. A simple rule of thumb to follow is to have your brakes inspected at the same time you have a full-service oil change. In doing so, you’ll be sure to maintain your brake system without additional effort on your part. By taking this proactive measure, you’ll help ensure that your brakes are performing their best at all times. Additionally, regular brake inspections can help identify any red flags before they turn into larger problems.

The costs involved with having your brakes inspected during every full-service oil change appointment are low – especially compared to the costs associated with significant brake repairs. Catching issues while they’re small not only makes them more manageable cost-wise but can prevent larger issues from developing altogether. You can save hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars on brake repairs by having them inspected regularly. The longer a brake problem exists, the larger the problem can become.

Take the brakes on your car as seriously as the racing professionals do by having your brakes inspected on a regular basis. When you’re looking to having your brakes repaired, look no further than Sun Auto Service. We have expert technicians and high-quality equipment to diagnose brake problems and repair them in a timely fashion. You can be confident in our service because our experts are ASE certified and can repair or replace all types of brake systems and brake parts. Schedule an appointment at any one of our locations to have your oil changed and brakes inspected by our brake specialists!