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Fun Things to Do in Your Car During a Pandemic

No one could have predicted the unusual events that have occurred in the last year. Though we’re in the middle of a global pandemic, and it seems everything has gone sideways, people are finding creative ways to entertain themselves and making the most of quarantine and stay at home orders.

Some families have recreated favorite Disney rides, some have put on mini-concerts from balconies, and some have created satirical videos to make light of our “new normal.” You don’t have to create a video for social media to enjoy this time, but there are some fun activities that you can do to entertain yourself and your family.

At-Home Drive-In Movie

Comfortable, air conditioned movie theaters have all but forced Drive-In movie theaters into extinction. While a few still exist in the country, some may be closed due to stay at home orders. Why not recreate this nostalgic experience for yourself and your family? You can create your own Drive-In movie experience in a few easy steps!

  • Suspend a white sheet across your driveway or attach it to your garage, securing each corner and smoothing out any wrinkles.
  • Connect an electronic device such as a tablet, laptop, or Blu-ray player to a projector.
  • Position your projector to ensure the video is centered on the “screen.” You may have to try different things to get it just right, such as adjusting the height and moving the projector away from or closer to the screen.
  • Finally, connect a wireless speaker to your device or utilize your vehicle’s Bluetooth connection to pair the device to your car so that you can hear the audio through your sound system.

Many movies that were intended for release at movie theaters have instead gone to streaming as so many movie theaters are still closed. That means you can watch a never-before-seen movie right from your home. Keep in mind that renting a new-release movie can be a bit more expensive than a movie that has been out for a while.

Once you’ve determined which movie you’ll be viewing for the night, and your projector is all set up, there’s just one thing left to do, pick your snacks! Stock your car up with fresh-popped popcorn, hot dogs, nachos, and candy. Tip: Many drug stores sell candy in the same boxes that movie theaters offer. Make the experience authentic with movie-theater candy! Don’t forget blankets and pillows for extra comfort.

Road Trip And Car Camp

Did you miss your trip to Hawaii or other far away destinations? You’re not alone. Many people have been forced to cancel or reschedule their vacations due to travel restrictions amid health concerns. Instead of traveling, some wander lusters have gone camping to escape the world for a short time.

If you’re more of the glamper type or not into camping where the wild things are, why not try car camping in your own driveway? You can turn your truck, SUV, or minivan into a “tent” and camp right at home.

To get your car-camping experience started, lay all seats down or if using a truck bed, place an air mattress in the bed, and spread sleeping bags out for sleeping. Open the rear door of your SUV or minivan or lay the tailgate of your truck down to sit, chat, and tell ghost stories. Don’t forget the flashlights!

For dinner and a real “campfire” experience, roast hot dogs, or make campfire foil packs—a whole meal cooked in foil! For dessert, don’t forget to roast marshmallows and top them with chocolate bars and graham crackers for s’mores.

Plan A Car Parade For A Special Event

During these times, we’re not able to throw birthday parties, attend weddings, or participate in other celebrations such as graduations and baby showers.

While we can’t attend these momentous occasions in the traditional sense, you can still make your family or friends feel special with a car parade! Invite family and friends to participate in the parade and set a time and a place to meet prior to the parade start.

Have each participant decorate their car with balloons, streamers, posters and signs, and car-safe paint on windows. Get creative! You want to create a spectacle of the event so be sure you also have items on hand that make noise including noisemakers, a bull horn, bells, whistles, air horns, as well as honking the horn of your car.

There are no rules on how a car parade should be conducted. You’re only limited to your imagination. Just remember to be kind to homeowners around the “guest-of-honor” by letting them know about the parade and the associated noise. Be sure to also follow any local noise ordinances–late-night car parades are probably not a good idea.

2020 might just be a pivotal year that changes everything we do into the future. We know this year is not what anybody envisioned, but you can make the most of it by embracing the changes and creating your own fun with our suggestions for making an at home drive-in theater, car camping, and celebrations with a car parade.

Make memories that will have you looking back at 2020 with a smile.