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DIYs You Should Never Do

why have an expert check your carOwning a vehicle can be a very expensive investment from the cost of the car, insurance coverage, fuel costs, and the added expense of maintenance and repairs. Any way to save a few bucks would be ideal for any vehicle owner. You may consider one way to save money is by performing do-it-yourself maintenance on your car or truck. While it may seem like a good idea in theory, there are some risks to performing your own vehicle services.  If you don’t possess the correct tools and/or knowledge for complex services, you’re risking injury to yourself or causing further damage to the vehicle.

Performing your own maintenance such as replacing the wiper blades is a perfect and simple way to help maintain your vehicle. However, there are some repairs that are best left to qualified and expert professionals that you should avoid completely. Throughout the years manufacturers have produced more advanced vehicles with intricate systems that can be difficult to comprehend to the untrained DIYer. Avoid repairs or replacements of the following systems:

    • Transmission – Transmissions are made up of many multifaceted pieces and parts including gears, tensioners, bearings, and rods. Because each part must fit together perfectly, a slight error could render the transmission useless. Even lifting the transmission out of the vehicle requires a special tool in order to perform any services.
    • Suspension System – There are many parts to the suspension of a vehicle and most require special equipment to service properly. Cars and trucks today require more specialized care. Without the proper knowledge or equipment, you risk incorrectly changing the end specs which could result in prematurely worn tires or unsafe handling of the vehicle. Lift kits are easy to obtain through any aftermarket parts dealer but installation could void your vehicle warranty and place unnecessary strain on the axle bearings, suspension, and steering components.
    • Timing Belt Replacements – The timing belt is an engine component responsible for controlling the camshafts and opening and closing valves at the right time for an efficient operation. Replacing the belt may seem easy enough but in most cases, portions of the engine may need to be removed in order to reach the timing belt. Timing belt replacements should be completed by an ASE Certified Technician as any errors made during this process could permanently damage the engine.
    • Engine Control Unit – Also known as the vehicle’s internal computer, the ECU’s duty is to control a succession of modules for proper engine and vehicle performance. Any repairs related to this essential component should only be performed by a highly trained professional such as an ASE Certified Master Technician who has the proper equipment to reprogram computers and modules to restore the OEM functions. Tampering with this device could negatively affect the vehicle resulting in serious and costly repairs.
    • Air Bags – Air bags are intended to detonate upon impact which means they’re highly pressurized. Once the air bag has been discharged, it cannot be reset or used again. This includes all parts of the system including sensors, and the bag itself, which must be replaced at the same time. Only a trained, knowledgeable professional should tackle this difficult task.

When it comes to vehicle maintenance and repairs, some are best left to the experts who perform such services on a daily basis. Some repairs are extremely difficult or could be dangerous causing serious injury if not done correctly.

Routine maintenance such as an oil change may be a simple task that you can perform at your home but why not save yourself the time and the dirty work by having a qualified technician at Sun Auto Service do it for you? What could potentially take up most of the day, can be done quickly and efficiently by technicians at Sun Auto Service!

With Sun Auto Service your conveniently scheduled oil change, in addition to the oil and filter, and top off of fluids, includes a complete multi-point inspection. This inspection is provided to inform you of your vehicle’s condition. You’ll be advised of any repairs or maintenance that may be needed now and what to plan for down the road. Our expert technicians will make sure you get the correct oil and filter to your vehicle’s specifications, which means no more driving back and forth to the auto supply store. Plus, we ensure all spent oils and other wastes are properly disposed of to avoid contaminating the environment. Visit any of our Sun Auto Service locations today for any of your automotive needs with our professional, ASE Certified Technicians.