Transmission Repair

Transmission RepairYour transmission is a major component in your drivetrain. Service and repairs can be costly, but you need to get the job done right. Sun Auto Service transmission shops are here to help. We combine our expertise with quality parts to give you the best results.

If all you need is maintenance, we offer simple transmission service jobs for any make or model of vehicle. For more serious problems we also perform transmission rebuild and repair work.

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The Transmission Experts at Sun Auto Service

Transmissions are complicated, but our technicians are fully qualified to get the job done. Not only do we put our employees through our own technical training program, but our technicians are also ASE certified. The Automotive Service Excellence award is only given to those who demonstrate sufficient skill. Technicians must have verifiable work experience and pass a challenging examination.

We also support our technicians with our fully equipped shops and resources. Our lifts safely secure your vehicle while it is being repaired. If the transmission needs to be removed from the vehicle, we have special jacks and mounts that support the assembly while it is being moved.

Our technicians know the proper procedures. We have all the repair and technical data they need to complete every transmission repair. There is no guesswork going into your vehicle.

Our Family-Owned Business Success

We know you need to get your vehicle back up and running as soon as possible. That’s why we are ready to get to work fixing your problem right away. We follow up when things go wrong and get your vehicle back to you quickly.

We are a family-owned business and have been fixing transmissions since 1978. We have earned a stellar reputation and are accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Our top rating with the BBB demonstrates our commitment to our customers. We deliver on the work we promise.

Common Problems With Transmissions

When a transmission outright fails, you cannot drive your vehicle. The engine runs just fine, but you have little or no ability to move.

There are some less obvious signs of trouble that might also pop up. You could experience trouble with your transmission and not even realize it. Do any of the following symptoms sound familiar:

  • Hard shift engagements
  • Delayed shifting
  • Poor fuel economy on the highway
  • Sluggish throttle performance
  • Leaks on the ground
  • Check engine light

If you suspect your transmission is giving you trouble, get your vehicle into our shop for a free visual inspection.

Free  Comprehensive Visual Inspection

While a thorough diagnosis might be necessary, there are many problems that can be discovered by simply looking in the right places. We like to start with the obvious faults before trying expensive diagnostic work. To save you time and money, we always check the basics.

Our free inspections include:  

  • Verifying abnormal transmission behavior with a road test
  • Inspect fluid level and condition
  • Test the engine operation to isolate the fault to the transmission
  • Lift the vehicle and perform an undercar inspection
  • Check transmission mounts, linkage, and axles
  • Look for signs of transmission fluid leaks
  • Check the cooler lines and radiator seals
  • Test the differential operation for binding

We want to be certain that we have investigated your vehicle thoroughly before condemning the transmission. If we can fix the problem with a simple repair, we let you know.

Transmission Repairs

In addition to transmission rebuilds and replacements, we can often fix your transmission problems with other repairs and services:

  • Fluid Flushes and filter changes to restore normal operation
  • Transmission valve body removal and repair
  • Linkage adjustments
  • Transmission cooler line replacements
  • Reseal leaking pan gaskets
  • Replace worn out axles and axle boots

Our focus is always on fixing the problem, but sometimes we discover that expensive work is necessary. We can help you with our 12-month financing program. This gives you the flexibility you need to get repairs done and start driving again.

Contact Us Today

To find out how we can help you, contact our nearest repair service center and schedule an appointment. If your car has broken down, you can even call us from the side of the road. We’ll send a tow truck driver out to retrieve your vehicle. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your vehicle is in good hands with the experts at Sun Auto Service.